Me: would never have imagined what this year had brought my way. The Lord has given me strength, joy, and peace even through very difficult times He is still God and is STILL on the throne of my heart.   I’ve learned to hold onto the blessing that are right in front of us and not take the 5 little ones  and a husband that tries his best  for granted. God can call any of them home in a split second.


I love you..all of you plus two.


3. still laughing, this kid cracks me up!


4. winter wonder land


5. Birthday: our first attempt at a birthday sleep over and i’m proud to say, we will do it again!


6. Friends: thankful for the friendship that were started on his Soccer team.


7. I was inspired: this little girl has fought for her life from when the time we found out she was being formed in my womb along with her twin sister, hidden from us until week 23.  She has fought the enemy against childhood cancer. this past year 2013, she was confirmed healed once again after 5 years of clear MRI’s   we love you Sarah Grace!


8. Spring Fever…honestly seems soooo long ago!


9. vacation: The kids always look forward to this time of year, a time to visit grandparents , aunts, uncles and cousins. who live 3 1/2 hours away.


10.  Summer Day:  the kids spent many days in  our pool  or running around in their swimming suits looking for worms in the back yard!


11.  A day in my life:  every tenth of every month i take 10 pictures, it pretty much sums up my life, here is a collage for one of those days.


12: All smiles… moving right along…..


13. Autumn Harvest. the cyber school we use took a trip to the pumpkin patch, it was fun for all.


14. family they sure are fun!


15. celebrate. love that smile we were at church and he was singing and celebrating Jesus!


16.  Lets do it again. another field trip to Buskill mountains. i won’t lie, it was a little stressful as we climbed the stairs with a rock wall in one side and drop off on the other with 5. we all loved it. and can’t wait to see if the school goes back this year!


17. I miss you. we knew you were with us for 4 weeks, at 8 weeks along Jesus called you home. I miss the kicks and movement. i miss being uncomfortable, missing the laughter i know you would have brought to your brothers and sisters, as you moved like an alien inside me. the hope I have is one day THEY will meet you and i will hold you perfectly formed. until then Baby H we love and miss you.


18. Beautiful! Christmas eve service at our home! We had planned on going to a candle light service but, a storm passed by causing my husband to get home late and the roads were not great, so instead of just forgetting about it, we had our own at home. a tradition we will be doing from now on, it was so beautiful to hear my children singing Silent night!


19. Dress up.  super girl is here!


20. Macro.


21.  Holiday.  for the last 4 years, we have taken cookies to the local police and firemen on Christmas day, the kids love it and ask to do it every year!


22.  My favorite it’s not so much the picture but the meaning behind it, children sitting at their father’s feet, learning about their Heavenly Father!


23. Don’t Ever change: he had climbed up onto the counter top to watch his siblings play outside in the snow. while doing that, he grabbed onto the cross. As  I was getting ready to tell him to put it back and not hold onto it, something in me stopped me from saying those words, instead I began to quickly pray that he would grab ahold of the Cross and never let go of it.


24. Just because. I love the emotions in this moment!

DSC_0236 (2)

25: hopes and dreams: This is our oldest reading scripture from the platform in church. I pray the Lord continues to work in his heart, may this be there year he draws close to Jesus and truly falls in love!


Memories, Dreams and reflections 2013



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