WE closed out on the first half of school….i can only hope and pray the 2nd half will be easier for me to focus. I can’t wait until this school year is done. I have been seriously praying about next year and what the Lord would have us do. My prayers have been very specific. and i see God slowly  revealing to me his answers for each request. While at the YMCA for home school Gym and swim time, i was lead to a lady who lives 20 minutes away and does traditional homes school with 6 children. She is willing to walk me through each step. she has a few close friends who evaluate her children and they are willing to help me out. My little “home school” group is getting bigger. and the flip side to this is, each one of the families have children close in age to each one of ours.

Even though this week had many high and lows, I can see that the Lord has my best interest in mind. Not just mine but my families as well. Even though it was hard, i keep moving forward not in my strength but His. and when I lean on him and not my own understanding i stay on the path he has chosen.

Week 4


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