Week 6 Feb2-8th


Week 6 brought some pretty challenging times, both through the day and nights.  We were still fighting strep and then the stomach bug hit us.  Beginning the week with the Super Bowl and ending it with time at the YMCA for a fun family time. It was the first time we had participated and the kids loved it, They can’t wait till next time, “Spy Academy”

We got hit with a big snow storm causing power outage and lots of snow. We headed up our back street for a walk and  ran into some kids sledding down a hill I never even thought of sledding down. The kids loved it and will be asking to go there next time we get snow.

We also have come to a conclusion about a difficult situation for next year. I am so proud of my husband for seeing potential in our children. After meeting with the cyber teacher and giving serious prayer time on our part , she feels the decision  we have come to, is best for them. SO i will hold me breath and pray hard as we look to next year. Meanwhile i’m on the search for summer programs to help in the area they need it most..READING! Though i’m nervous as all get out, I’m looking forward to seeing how God shines in and through it!

Wanted to end this with some funny saying from this week:

“Mommy will you be my servant?”

“Mommy here is some money for being the worlds best mom ever”

“Mommy I want to buy you some coffee!”



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