week 8 (Feb16-22)

week 8

Sunday proved once again you never know what is coming your way.  I have to give a testimony.

“.. and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me. (Pslam 50:15)”

We were faced with a very difficult situation and we had what I thougth 2 weeks to pray about it~ my heart was troubled.  I was completely against what I knew was going to happen. My brother in-law needed a place to stay. He is terminally ill and needs  a new place to live because his current living situation will be changing.  After church I went and asked for prayer. Just a few words were shared, “the willingness to serve over comfort”… rang loud and clear. With those words I new God had spoken and there was peace. I know God will use this time to work in his heart. I pray that as he lives with us the  Holy Spirit softens his hard heart and that his name will be written in the lambs book of life. I pray that the light of Jesus will shine from our faces, our words and actions. A few months back we were in this same situation.  and we told him “no”. We were not ready for it and God new that. But this time I know in my heart we are in a better standing in our relationship as husband and wife, as parents and as children of God.  So as we begin this new chapter and take the hand of Jesus as he guides us and walks us through EVERY single moment of every single day, helping us as we return his many blessings to a family member that is in need.  May Jesus be glorified in all of it. SO let Jesus deliver us as we honor Him.

In other news, we found out that God has once again surprised us with a baby on the way. As I sit here and type this my head is spinning, I’m excited, I hope and pray Jesus lets us hold this one alive and well. I am today at the point where we were when we Jesus called the last one home. In 2 2/1 weeks I will be at the point when Jesus called the first one home. Instead of focusing on the what ifs and why, I’m focusing on the miracle that there is yet another life forming  inside of me that God has ordained for such a time as this. The other day Matthew got up and wanted to be carried, I told him, “mommy can’t hold you right now you have to walk like a big boy because mommy has a baby in my belly” his response was “Oh no, no way you’re not fat!”  I’m so excited to share  this news with everyone, but at the same time I need to keep it in my heart and make it a matter of prayer, (that’s why this post is so late in coming~ I wanted it to be documented as part of the scrapbook).


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