Week 20, May 11-17



Mother’s day weekend my younger sister came for a short visit, we sat and ate Chinese food for lunch, and went home to enjoy chocolate covered Strawberries! My parents came for a short visit at the end of the week. My kids felt so loved to see out of state family visiting them. In between visit we continued with school, my hopes and plans are that we will finish up by Wednesday next week.

The weather has turned and this means the great clothes swap! the kids love getting “new clothes!”  Matthew enjoyed helping daddy mow the yard for the first time this week! He is going to make such a great big brother.  With the nice weather outside, comes the reteaching little boys they must go pee inside NOT off the back porch!

We turned of the TV for  a second week in a row, i love sitting back and watching them use their imagination, letting them build tents. when they were given their hour of T.V or Computer out littlest grabbed his computer, asked for Abcmouse and went into his “hide out”




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