week 22



The day finally came for us to see this little blessing on the screen as the tech scanned away. watching the screen i couldn’t help but  think of the two that went before us. What would they look like, i’d be pretty close to delivering the second baby i lost. Were they girls or boys or both?  I rejoice in knowing that they are safe in the arms of Jesus and that they don’t have to face any of this world’s pain. they are whole perfect. One day we will see them. Will you pray? Pray that as our due date approaches Jesus will be my strength, and that God gives us wisdom as to how to share with our little ones the miscarriages. WE know they have two more siblings and we want them to know.  We know that it is through our storms and heartbreaks that our children will grow closer to their Savior. I know that this little one will help them to heal and to understand perhaps keep them from being angry at God. Something i don’t want them to go through. God has a plan and is little by little revealing it to us. 

So we found out that we are adding a little male warrior to our family of warriors! I’m excited that out little Matthew will have a brother to play with as they get older. 

WE also remembered my grandma who has gone on to be with the Lord. So this week we made an angel food cake and celebrated two years in Heaven.


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